dallas timeline

Timeline created by johnnie.conner
  • prohibition begins

    prohibition begins
    Many people but mostly women began to blame the problems in society on alchohal. Orginizations were formed to try to limit drinking and stop it.
  • Teapot Dome Scandal

    Teapot Dome Scandal
    The teapot dome scandal was an unprecedented bribery scandal and investigation during the white house administration. It was know as one of the most famous scandals ever.
  • election of president coolidge hoover and FDR

    election of president coolidge hoover and FDR
    president coolidge was elected while he was previously vice-president. He was elected after the death of Warren Harding. Coolidge had little time to enjoy his new post of president berfor have to begin campaining again.
    president hoover was elected july, 30th, 1874. Hoover was the 30th president of the united states. Hoover was one of the most failed presidencys if not the most due to leading america into a depression. He wasnt the main cause but he shure did nothing to help america
  • black tuesday

    black tuesday
    stock markets crashed and the depression began. Many banks were closed after this and many people lost there jobs. Any one who invested there lifes earnings lost all of it.
  • dust bowl years

    dust bowl years
    the dust bowl years also known as the dirty thirties lasted from 1930 to 1936 of nothing but serveer dust storms.
  • howley smoot tariff act

    raised tariffs on nearly 20,000 imported goods
  • works progress administration

    was the largest organization to carry out public works projects
  • bonus army march

    many ex service men went to the capital and set up camp out side of it and refused to leave until the government made a bill that would finally pay them for there service in the end of the march over 17,000 service men were there
  • FDR election

    FDR election
    within the first 100 days of FDR's election he came up with the "new deal" plan to get america out of the depression and back to a good economy and provide more jobs.
  • tenessee valley authority

    federally owned corperation created by congressional character
  • cirilian conservation corps

    FDR's new deal also had the CCC in it which planted many trees for america
  • FDIC

    The FDIC claimed that is you banked with them that your money would be fully backed by government funds.
  • prohibition ends

    prohibition ends
    The 21st amendment was brought back to play and cancled out the 18th allowing americans to legally make sell anddrink alchohal again
  • social security act

    made many groups that helped americans get out of the great depression
  • the beginning of ww2

    lasted 6 years. caused by germany. and no countrys really wanted the war