Alena's Favorite School Memories

Timeline created by 7thgradehumanities
  • First Day of School

    I remember being in a cast at the time. It was great seeing all my friends that I missed!
  • The Pig War

    It was a very fun time! I laughed and laughed until my stomach hurt. 10/10 would do again.
  • All School Assembly

    Hanging out in the new gym was pretty cool. Some teachers were throwing out socks and candy to us. I hope all of us had an awesome time, especially with all the staff and students performing!
  • Kindness Door Challenge

    Our advisory class worked really hard on decorating our door. It was supposed to be Earth in space, and it took up a bit of the wall too. It was very exciting to do, and our hard work did not go to waste. We won!
  • Last Day in School

    What thought to be a few weeks turned out to be the rest of the whole school year. I miss walking into school.
  • Kahoot Day

    Throughout the year, it was amazing doing kahoots with Mrs. Parejo. Not only were they fun, they also were educational- well, at least most of them. On this day as well, I shall dominate the leader board! MUAHAHAHA
  • Last Day of School

    Although this year didn't turn out how most of us expected to be, it was a joyful experience to go through. Thanks for all the memories, 7th grade!