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  • 1896

    On this day the Plessy v. Ferguson was a landmark in the united states. The caes was ruled that segragtion was okay. Olny under the gidelines that both blacks and whites recived the equal facilites. The "seprate but equal" was in no way equal.
  • 1898

    Spanish Amrican war was a conflict beteewn the United States and spain. It was one of shortest wars on recourd. The fighting lasted about ten weeks. One of the battels was played out on Pacific possessions.
  • 1900

    the gental mens agreement was between the U.S and Japan. the agreement was that the U.S would not restrict the Japanese immigration. In return japan would no longer allow ingration to the United States. The goal of all this was to lower tention between the two powerful nations.
  • 1901

    The wisconsin idea witch is a modle for "progressive goverment." the Wisconsin idea also means a series of political changes. This idea was created to get ride of monopleys in the united states. Change in work pay and hours was another part of the Wisconsin idea.
  • 1902

    The united mine workers syand up against low wages long works days and reconition of there unions. The strike took place in PA. The united mine workers stirke made it so that the the major cities couldnt get fual for the winter months. The persidant at the time stepped in and stoped the strike with a fact finding commission.
  • 1903

    On this day a something was acheverd that know other persone had successfully done before. Orville wright flue and airplane for 12 secounds. The wright brothers plan was the first of its kind. Controlle, power and is what this plan had over all the others that had tired before them.
  • 1905

    The IWW is an organzation for inernationl workers. IWW stands for Industrial Workers of the Worls. At one point in time the organization had over 100,00 members. the IWW would not exlclude men if they where part of a biffretn labor union. There feels ing where that all workers should be united as a class adn wage.
  • 1906

    The Great san Franciso earthqauke caused millions of bollers in damges. The earthqauke didnt just strike SF it also in northern CA. The quake was has high a 8.25. The sk=hake was felt all the way to Oregon Los angles all the was to Nevada. The death count after the quake was well abouve 3,000 people.
  • 1907

    The great white fleet was a nickname for the united states navy battle fleet. this fleet completed a around the flobe trip to circummnaigation This fleet had 16 battlerships divided into two squadrons.
  • 1908

    Muller v. Oregon was considered to be a landmark dicision in the united states supereme court. This case justifies both sex discrimination and labor laws. At this time in oregon the state restricted work for women, in protection of womens health.
  • 1909

    The modle T was the first affordable car ever made. Henry ford company was the producer of this car. For the car to be affordable something had to be done so that men would not have to pu the it togheather. That is how the assembly line came to be.
  • 1910

    New Nationalism was a speech that the prestidant of the united states made. it containded issues like human welfare and property rights. Mr roosevelt urged the federal government to reglate the economay.
  • 1910

    The mexican revoution was Franciso I. Madero. Over time th e revolt against the established order. this conflict is often catergorized as the most important socippolitical even in mexico.
  • 1911

    On march 25 1911. there was a tarbile accident. 146 jewish and ittailans were killed. All of the vitems were women. The women were killed in a fire at New York's Triangle Shirtwaist Company.
  • 1912

    On april 14-15 1912 the Titanic sinks. just south of newfoundland. about 1,500 passengers and crew menbers drowned in the icy waters.the titanic was going from Southampton, England, to New York City.
  • 1912

    Theodore Roosevelt the presidential candidate for the Progressive Party was shot on october 14th 1912. he was shot by John Schrank. Mr schrank used a 32-caliber bullet. Because of the force the bullet was slowed down by a glasses case and a bundle of manuscript in Roosevelt's pocket of of his heavy coat.
  • 1912

    The Lawrence Textile Strike was a strike of immigrant workers. 25,000 workers went on strick. It was lead by the Industrial Workers of the World.
  • 1913

    The 16th Amendment was a law that gave states the right to tax citizen. If one person was to make 3,000 of 4,000 for married couples then they will be taxted 1 percent. If one persone makes more then 20,000 dollers they will be taxed 6 percent.
  • 1913

    Henry Ford creats the assembley line. This creation mad it possible to produce a thousand Model T's daily. Henry Ford was the first to master the assembly line and was able to improve on other parts of other industral life by lowering labor hours required to produce a one modle t, and increased numbers and parts made.
  • 1914

    the Panama Canal opens augest 15th 1914. the canal was is a 77-kilometre ship canal. The canal councted the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. They started duilding the canal in 1904 and didnt finish till 1914. Over 815,000 ships and vessels have passed through the canal.
  • 1915

    The Lusitania was a British ocean liner. The ship was service from Liverpool, England to New York City, witch was a commenly traveld roate. The ship requiered a port call in Qeenstown Irland. During the First World War, as Germany started submarine warfare against Britain, the ship was identified as a britsh ship and was torpedoed by the German U-boat U-20. The Lusitania sank
  • 1915

    Eric Muenter was a a German teacher at Cornell University. he was a smart young man. Eric commits suicide after detonating a bomb. The bomb was placed in the U.S. Senate reception room. he also shot a financier J. Pierpont Morgan.
  • 1915

    The peace expedition of Henry Ford was in december 4th 1915. the expedtion was also know as Ford Peace Ship. The ship wen t out right around the peek of World War 1. Fords peace ship was an effert to stop the war.
  • 1916

    On March 9 1916 buring the mexican revoution Pancho Villa and his men crosses the U.S. border to attack Columbus, N. Mex. Pres. Gen. John reseves orders to Pershing to capture Villa
  • 1917

    On april 6th United States declares war on the Central Powers. the central powers are German, Hungarian, Turkish, Bulgarian. Six Senators and 50 Representatives vote against.
  • 1917

    The Zimmermann Telegram proposed that German would allie with Mexico. It was also a promnise for territory. Those areas were what are no called Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.
  • 1917

    The military draft came about in may of 1917. All men from the ages 21 to 30 had to sign up. this draft was for the world war 1. congress passed it as a law.