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  • the battle of fort sumter

    the battle of fort sumter
    this battle was more than one day it was a total of 2 days and it was also the start of the civil war. The people were about to zeis fort sumter. This battle was one of the most bloodiest. This was the start of the civil war battle and they knew that that bnattles were going to comtinue.
  • The battle of bull run (1st)

    The battle of bull run (1st)
    It was the first major conflict of the american civil war. The battle was two half hours of war. and there were alot of deaths. There were two armies and they were both pretty big. this resulted in a union win. This was the second battle of the civil war.
  • The battle of bull run(2nd)

    The battle of bull run(2nd)
    This battle was named by the confederacy and it was the second fight of the bull run.
  • the battle of hampton roads

    the battle of hampton roads
    this battle was two days long and it wasnt the longest battle that they had in the civil war. They also called this the fourth battle of the civil war. They fought on the water and they had both of our navys out on the water fighting and there was little battle going on on the land.
  • the battle of shiloh

    the battle of shiloh
    this was only a one day battle. There were alot of soldjers battleing and the way that they started this battle is they both fired 2 times and then they went straight to fighting hand to hand combat or they used the bannets that they had attached to thier guns. Or they just plain shot thier guns.
  • the battle of antietam

    the battle of antietam
    the battle was located near sharpsbeurge and it was one of the big battless in 1862. The soldjersa tried to wipe away the dmpness and they were dodgeing the cannons and the flames of the cannons were blazeing past them. This was the bloodiest battle of the civil war.
  • the battle of fredricksburgh

    the battle of fredricksburgh
    This battle was more than just one day it was a counted of 4 days and the battle was horrible. Lee rested on the virgina side of the potomic for a few days then started to make his way up to where they were going to fight the union. They were tired and they both started to fight but the battle was four days long and they didnt want to over due them selves because they had threee more days ahead of them to fight, some souljers fought as hard as they could cause they didnt know that the war was 4
  • emancipation proclomation

    emancipation proclomation
    the emancipation proclomation was issued in the day of january 1st 1863.Commander-in-Chief, of the Army and Navy of the United States in time of actual armed rebellion against the authority and government of the United States, and as a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion. he wanted to push against them to make them stop rebelling.
  • the battle of chanceellorsville

    the battle of chanceellorsville
    This battle was fought in virgina and it was located to a place not so far called chancellorsville. the little town was almost destroyed from the battle.
  • the seige of vicksburgh

    the seige of vicksburgh
    this seige went from may 18 to the date of july 4th. the fight was in pennsylvania. This battle was only 1 day olong and they snuk up on them witch is called gorilla war fare.
  • the battle of gettysburgh

    the battle of gettysburgh
    this battle was also more than one day and this battle was also a long war and some soldjers were lost.
  • the ratification of the 13th amendment.

    the ratification of the 13th amendment.
    this is the date where they ratified the 13th amendment, They had to fix the 13th amendment and the south didnt like that so they started afight with the north.
  • the seige of atlanta

    the seige of atlanta
    he had more than 10000 troops under his command. This was a big war and there were alot of deaths. the numbers were unfair and they thought that they were going to win but it tuned out that they figuered out too that they were way out numberd.
  • surennder at the appomattox courthouse

    surennder at the appomattox courthouse
    they surrenderd at the court house and this was the end of the civil war.
  • assasonation of abraham lincoln

    assasonation of abraham lincoln
    abe was assasonated at the forsd theatre by jon wilks booth and killed him. They later found him and he was charged with killing the presadant of the united states.