Gold rush in Australia

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  • New South Wales

    Edward hargraves was the first person to discover gold with John lister at bathurst in 1851.
  • Victoria

    Gold was also found in the central highlands in Victoria
  • South Australia

    Thomas Brady and Thomas Smith discovered gold
    in Teetulpa in 1866. Teetulpa is north of Adelaide
    and the conditions were hot and dusty for the
  • Queensland

    In 1867 John Nash discovered gold in Gympie
    didn’t take long for this news to get around and 2
    months later 25,000 miners had relocated to
    Gympie in the hope of finding gold.
  • Northern territory

    In 1871 construction workers building an
    overland telegraphy line between Alice Springs and
    Darwin found gold by accident.
  • Tasmania

    On the Tamar River is the deep shaft Beaconsfield
  • Western Australia

    Western Australia was actually the last state or
    territory to join the gold rush, however it proved to
    be the richest, found by Arthur Bayley and Williams Flat near a water hole in coolgardie.