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  • The Oregon Trail

    The oregon Trail is 2,000 miles long over 500,000 pioneers crossed over to oregon this allowed people to get over to the west coast without it people would have taken far long to arrive on te west coast.
  • Whitman Massacre

    This event took place in southeastern washington in Walla Walla this caused the Cayuse War this event is important because Dr.Marcus Whitman and his wife and some U.S. missionaries were killed by The Cayuse Indians
  • The Seattle Fifre

    This fire was caused by John E. Back it destroyed the business district, 29 city blocks and 10 brik buildings this fire was important because right after the fire the people of the city stareted to build their buildings out of brick, the pluming wsa way better then before, and a new seattle was buitl 6-8 feet above the old city.
  • Grand Coulle Dam

    The Grand Coulle Dam is 550 feet tall 300 feet long it this event is important because it helps control flooding river regulating water storage and power generation
  • Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft

    Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft
    The microsoftware was relesed for downloading this software allowed peple to do office things such as: word, downloading useful things, power point, and so on.