Industrial Revolution Inventors

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  • Thomas Newcomen

    made the first useful fuel-burning engine and steam engine
  • John Kay

    his most famous invention is they flying shuttle
  • Richard Arkwright

    was a leading entrepreneur in the industrial revolution, he built the first spinning machine
  • James Watt

    made a steam engine and a photocopier
  • adam smith

    he wrote the first detailed system of political economy
  • James Hargreaves

    invented the spinning jenny was one of the first practical spinning inventions
  • Henry Cort

    learned how to reuse iron and revolutionize the change the production systems
  • Edmund Cartwright

    wool combing machine that was the start of the modern power loom
  • Eli Whitney

    invented the cotton gin this was a revolutionary invention for the economy
  • David Ricardo

    best known for his ideas on profit and wages,labor theroys
  • Elias Howe

    known for then invention of the lockstitch sewing machine
  • Karl Marx

    influenced the creation of the modern world. His works inspired governments in the 20th century