James K. Polk JB

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  • Birth

    James K. Polk was born near Pineville, Mecklenburg County, N.C
  • Moved to Tennessee

    Moved to Tennessee
    James K. Polk moved to Maury County, Tennessee.
  • Graduated From Princeton

    Graduated From Princeton
    James K. Polk Graduated From Princeton
  • Private Solicitor to the U.S minster to Russia

    Private Solicitor to the U.S minster to Russia
    James K. Polk became a Private Solicitor to the U.S minster to Russia, Albert Gallatin
  • Solicitor of The U.S bank

    Solicitor of The U.S bank
    James K. Polk became a Solicitor of The U.S bank
  • University of North Carolina

    University of North Carolina
    James K. Polk Graduated from the University of North Carolina with a bachelors degree in arts.
  • Admitted to the Bar

    Admitted to the Bar
    James K. Polk was admitted to the bar so he could become a lawyer.
  • Tennessee House of Representatives

    Tennessee House of Representatives
    James K. Polk was admitted to the Tennessee House of Representatives where he was also admitted speaker of the house
  • Marriage

    James K. Polk Married Sarah Childress Polk
  • Governor of Tennessee

    Governor of Tennessee
    James K. Polk later became the governor of Tennessee
  • Telegraph

    James K. Polk Telegraphed his nomination
  • Irish Potato Famine

    Irish Potato Famine
    The great Irish potato famine forces huge waves of starving immigrants to the United States, sparking anti-Catholic, nativist backlashes.
  • President

    James K. Polk was a dark horse nomination that won presidency.
  • Manifest Destiny

    John L. O'Sullivan accuses opponents of Texas annexation of “limiting our greatness and checking the fulfillment of our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.” The term, “Manifest Destiny,” quickly becomes the label used to encapsulate the belief among Americans in their country's God-given right to expand its territory and institutions.
  • U.S Navel Academy

    James K. Polk open the U.S Navel Academy
  • Texas

    James K. Polk admitted Texas as the 28th state
  • Howe Sewing Machiene

    Howe Sewing Machiene
    The First Howe sewing machine was created
  • Death Penalty

    Death Penalty
    Michigan abolished the death penalty which was the first state to do so
  • The Mexican-American War

    The Mexican-American War
    After Mexico started entering American boundaries and killing Americans James K. Polk declared war against Mexico with no response. This resulted in the U.S claiming most of the territory it has today. It took place from 1846-1848. The battles took place over what in now Texas, California, Oregon territory, and New Mexico.
  • River and Harbors Bill

    President Polk vetoes a river and harbors bill which would have provided for federally funded internal improvements. Like Andrew Jackson in his veto of the Maysville Road bill, Polk argues that the bill unfairly favors particular areas, including ports which have no foreign trade. Therefore, says Polk, the bill is unconstitutional.
  • Iowa

    James K. Polk admitted Iowa as the 29th state
  • Defeat of Mexico

    Defeat of Mexico
    General Zachary Taylor defeats the Mexicans under General Santa Anna at the Battle of Buena Vista. Taylor's victory cements his growing acclaim as a national hero and helps propel him to the 1848 Whig nomination for President.
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    Gold discovered in California by James W. Marshall
  • Wisconsin

    James K. Polk admitted Wisconsin as the 30th state
  • Cornerstone Laid

    Cornerstone Laid
    James K. Polk laid the first cornerstone for George Washington's monument
  • Women's Rights Convention

    Women's Rights Convention
    The Women's Rights Convention was hosted in Seneca Falls, N.Y
  • Oregon

    James K. Polk admitted Oregon as a territory
  • Gold Rush Height

    Gold Rush Height
    The Gold rush has reached its height
  • Department of Interior

    Department of Interior
    The Department of Interior was created
  • Death

    James K. Polk died in Nashville, Tennessee and was buried in Pork Place, Nashville, Tennessee. He died due to Cholera.