James Potter vs Tom Riddle

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In Film
  • Tom Riddle is born

  • Tom is visited by Dumbledore

  • Riddle's first murder (Myrtle)

    He had discovered the Chamber of Secrets months prior, possibly. Creates his first Horcrux (the diary)
  • Riddle murders his family

    Creates his second Horcrux (the ring)
  • Riddle asks Slughorn about Horcruxes

  • James Potter is born

  • Voldemort asks Dumbledore for the DaDa position

  • James discovers Remus is a werewolf

  • The Marauders successfully become Animagi

    They also create the Marauder's Map around this time
  • Sirius stays with James at his parent's house

  • James and Lily have a falling out with Vernon and Petunia

  • James and Lily get married

  • James's parents die

    Leaving him with the Potter family wealth, which he uses to support Remus, as he could not get a job due to him being a werewolf.
  • Trelawney's "First Prophesy" is uttered

  • Harry was born

  • James and Lily die; Voldemort is defeated

  • Period: to

    Tom Attends Hogwarts

  • Period: to

    The First Wizarding War

  • Period: to

    James Attends Hogwarts