John Locke-Garrett

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In History
  • Born

  • He becomes a professer at Oxford Collage

  • He reads Rene Descartes' Discourse

  • Lord Ashley befreinds him

  • He supervises Lord Ashleys liver operation.

  • Because of Lord Ashley's involvement in the new British colonies in America Locke is asked to write the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina.

  • Locke writes his first draft of concering human understanding

  • He promotes the idea of social contract.

  • His ideas about revolution against a goverment is linked to a plot to kill the king.

  • He is welcomed by the new king.

  • Concerning Human Understanding Published

  • He meets Isaac Newton

  • His 2 Treaties are published

  • Appointed to British Board

  • Dies

  • Jefferson borrows Locke's ideas