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  • Mother

    Madisons' moms' name was Eleanor Conway Madiosn. For short people called her Nelly.
  • Father

    Ironically, his fathers name was James Madison Sr. He was a wealthy plantation owner.
  • Religion

    James Madison was Episcopalian/Deist. But most of his beliefs depended on what he was doing in government.
  • Trivia

    Madison was a very tiny man. He only weighed 100 pounds and was 5'4''.
  • Trivia

    He was the oldest of 12 children. Even though, he was the smallest
  • Birth

    James Madison was born on a plantation. It was called Belle Grove located in Port Conway, Virginia.
  • Birth of Wife

    Dolley Madison was born on May 20. She died July 12, 1849.
  • Occupation

    James studied at in college the arts of government. Shortly after that, he became a lawyer.
  • Political Party

    James Madison was a Democratic-Republic. Even though he had many opinions in court about parties, he never spoke of them.
  • Nicknames

    James had two nicknames. "Great Little Madison", and "Father of the Constitution".
  • Government Positions

    Madison was also part of many other things. He was a member of the executive council, and Continental Congress.
  • Government Occupations

    Government Occupations
    Madison had many other positions in government. He was member of the Virginia Legislature.
  • Fathers' Occupation

    James father worked as a vestryman. He was a very successful planter.
  • Programs and Laws

    While in presidency, James came up with one plan and law that stood out from everything. It was the Virginia plan. It said that there will be three branches and one of those will be split to eliminate power.
  • Constitution

    James Madison wrote most of the constitution. When he signed it, he and George Washington were the only presidents to sign it.
  • Marriage

    James Madison married Dorthea Dandridge Payne Todd (Dolley Madison). Their marriage lasted until both passed.
  • Date of Marriage

    Date of Marriage
    Madison and Dolley were wed in September. They stayed together until death.
  • Parts of Office

    Parts of Office
    In 1801 James' final play in office was secretary of state. He served that from 1801 to 1809.
  • Vice Presidents

    James Madison had two vice presidents. His first term vice president was George Clinton. His second term was Elbridge Gerry
  • Trivia

    James Madison won his election by a lot back then. He won by 175 votes.
  • Event

    The U.S. was being controlled by Captain Decatur. Under his command they defeated Macedonia.
  • Event

    General Oliver Hazard Perry won a very important naval victory. It was on Lake Erie.
  • Event

    The British captured D.C. This brought more strife between the colonies and Britain.
  • Event

    Thomas Jeffersons' library was purchased to be the new Library of Congress. It was located in Philadelphia.
  • Event

    Indiana was admitted a state. It was the 19th state emitted.
  • Cause of Death

    The cause of his death was congestive heart failure. He died in his home estate.
  • Burial

    James was buried at his homes private cemetery. He was buried at 4:50 pm.
  • Period: to

    Education ~ Elementary

    James Madison attended Donald Robertson Elementary school. After, he got private tutoring from Reverend Thomas Martin.
  • Period: to

    Education ~ College

    Madison attended the College of New Jersey (Princeton). He studied the arts of government there.
  • Period: to


    Madison was a very liked president. People wanted him to serve more, but it was and is against the law. He served for 8 years.