Timeline- Tina, Connor, Isabella, Thomas

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  • Isabella- Cooperation

    In my family, my mom is Greek Orthodox and my dad is Jewish. So, December is a very busy month! My mom makes potato latkes and lights the menorah on all eight nights of Chunukah, and my dad helps us to decorate our Christmas tree. We have our Greek family come to celebrate Chanukah with us, and we invite our Jewish side of the family to celebrate Christmas. This is cooperation, because both cultures come together.
  • Thomas - Community

    I have experienced community when I went to a family dinner with my dad's side of the family which is Italian. When I was there, I didn’t understand the traditions and customs they did. Such as the Seven Fishes. I sat there not understanding and not really interacting with them. It was like two cultures there but not communicating. That was when I have experienced community.
  • Isabella- Conflict

    At my house, my mom and my Yiayia make a Greek salad the way people in Greece make a Greek salad. When, I have gone to diners or restaurants, they make their salads different. My family makes Greek salad without any lettuce- ever! So, to me, it was very confusing to be given a salad filled with lettuce. This is a big conflict for me because I only like to eat my mom's or my Yiayia's Greek salad, and I don't think that Greek salads should have lettuce.
  • Thomas - Conflict

    I have experienced conflict when I visited family in Pennsylvania and went to a Polish fair. When I walked around I did not understand anything they said or showed. It was a lot of traditions custom to them. For example, the little collectibles and toys made no sense to me and were unknown. Also, I didn't understand the language they spoke. So, all those elements were preventing me to understand their culture. That was when I have experienced conflict.
  • Connor-Conflict

    It was about to be recess. I ran outside to recess looking forward to having fun. It was right when I got outside. I ran into another person. He was from London, and I’m from America. We soon somehow got into argument on how the word “Mom” is said. He kept saying “Mum” and I kept saying “Mom.”
  • Connor-Community

    My parents planned a weekend trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. While we were there, we went to visit the Amish market. I noticed the Amish people rode in horse and buggy instead of cars. We bought vegetables, pie and cheese. The Amish people we met were very quiet, so we had little interaction with them.
  • Connor-Cooperation

    My family is Catholic and we celebrate Christmas. We were invited to Hanukkah; my friends David and Sophia are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah. I understood it because it was a lot like Christmas. That is because we would exchange gifts. We tried some new food. I ate potato pancakes, called potato latkes, they were delicious.
  • Thomas - Cooperation

    I have experienced cooperation when I went to another Christmas dinner with my Italian side of the family. We do the Seven Fishes every Christmas and is a part of our culture. Now that I have gone to these more, I understand the culture and traditions. I helped out to cook the fish and prepare it. I understand the culture a lot better now and it all makes sense. That was when I have experienced cooperation.
  • Isabella- Community

    When my mom's grandmother died, we went to the funeral service at the Greek Orthodox Church. Being that my brother, my dad, and i are Jewish, we had no idea what was happening during the service. My mom and my Greek side of the family all knew the prayers and the customs, but, we did not. This is an example of community because the Greek Orthodox prayers were happening, and because we are Jewish, we were not part of them.