womens suffrage timeline assignment

Timeline created by Brian Smith
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  • seneca falls convention

    seneca falls convention
    the first meeting for women to discuss voting rights. women split ovver the issue of the 14th and 15th amendments
  • wyoming

    women in the wyoming territorie was allowed to vote
  • illeal voting

    illeal voting
    Susan B. Anthony was tried in court for illegally voting. women tried to vote illegally.
  • supreme court decision

    supreme court decision
    ruled that women were citizens but it didnt give them the right to vote
  • nawsa formed

    nawsa formed
    the parent organization of hundreds of smaller local and state groups,[2] and by helping to pass woman suffrage legislation at the state and local level
  • carrie chapman catt

    carrie chapman catt
    In 1900, Susan B. Anthony, at 80 years old, retired as president of NAWSA and Carrie was elected her successor; a position she held until 1904
  • triangle shirtwaist fire

    triangle shirtwaist fire
    because so many women died in the fire they changed the safty conditions of factories
  • new nawsa tactics

    new nawsa tactics
    the new tatics they used was radocal tatics
  • more radical tatics

    more radical tatics
    women wins the vote in new york
  • 19th amendment

    19th amendment
    gave women in the us the right to vote