History Of Family Consumer Science - Anna Claire Morgan

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  • Catherine Beecher

    Catherine Beecher
    Catherine Beecher Started Home Economics movement and played an important role in women's education.
  • Catherine Beecher Cont.

    Catherine Beecher Cont.
    She wrote 33 books and the majority was about home economics.
  • Annie Dewey

    Annie Dewey
    Annie Dewey was a librarian and educator. She had an important role in getting home economics into public higher education.
  • Isabel Bewer

    Isabel Bewer
    Isabel Bewer conducted nutritional research while on staff at the University of Illinois. She helped develop the new field of home economics along science.
  • Alice P. Norton

    Alice P. Norton worked with Ellen Swallow Richards in providing home economics to the community.
  • Land Grand Universities in Arkansas

    Land Grand Universities in Arkansas
    -University of Arkansas (Fayettville)
    -University of Arkansas (Pine Bluff)
  • Justin Smith Morril/ Morril Act of 1862

    Justin Smith Morril/ Morril Act of 1862
    This act established federal funding for many of the United States public schools.
  • Landgrand Universities

    Established to extend educational opportunities, such as home economics.
  • Benjamin Andrews

    Benjamin Andrews
    Benjamin Andrews was a professor of home economics for over 40 years. He served as the chairman of the educational board the journal of home economics and spread the mission of home economics through lectures, writing, and teaching.
  • Ellen Swallow Richards

    Ellen Swallow Richards
    She was a chemist and promoted home economics. She founded AAFCS (American Association Of Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • Smith-Lever Act

    Smith-Lever Act
    This act created the cooperative extension service including Family Consumer Sciences.
  • Smith Hughes Act

    Smith Hughes Act
    This act established Family Consumer Sciences as part of vocational education.
  • The Vocation Admendment

    This required states receiving federal funding to develop and carry out activities and programs to eliminate gender bias, stereotyping, and discrimination in vocational education.
  • Carl Perkins Act

    Carl Perkins Act
    The purpose of this act to provide people with the academic and technology skills needed to succeed.
  • AHEA changed to FACS

    AHEA changed to FACS
    The organization changed its name from American Home Economics Association to Family Consumer Sciences.