History timeline

Timeline created by victoria madero
  • Germany takes over Alsace Lorraine

  • Triple alliance or Central powers

    Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.
  • Germany builds up a navy

    The new Kaiser, Wilhelm, annouced his intention to build a powerful German navy.
  • Tension in Europe

    The most significant cause of the tension in Europe was the naval rivalry which developed after 1900.
  • Morocco, 1905 and 1911

    Kaiser Wilhelm, visited Morocco in North Africa because he wanted to show that he was powerful in North Africa too but they rejected him.
  • The launching of the HMS Dreadnought

    Britain felt threatened about what Germany wanted to do so they raised stakes in the naval race by launching this ship.
  • conference in Algeciras

    This conference made thongs worse, the Kaiser was humiliated instead of being seen as a major power in Africa.
  • Triple Entente

    Britain, France and Russia.
  • Morocco, 1905 and 1911

    France wanted to take over Morocco again. They said that they were prepared to compensate Germany if its trade suffered as a result.
  • 1st WW

  • Murder in sarajevo

    Franz Ferdinand's and his wife's death.
  • End of the 1st WW