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  • Franklin Stove

    Franklin Stove
    The Franklin stove is a metal-lined fireplace named after Benjamin Franklin, who invented it in 1741.[1] It had a hollow baffle near the rear (to transfer more heat from the fire to a room's air) and relied on an "inverted siphon" to draw the fire's hot fumes around the baffle.
  • Cast Iron stove

    Cast Iron stove
    The first round cast-iron stoves with grates for cooking food on them were manufactured by Isaac Orr at Philadelphia, Pa., in 1800. The base-burning stove for burning anthracite coal was invented in 1833 by Jordan A. Mott.
  • Hardwick stove

    Hardwick stove
    Hardwick stoves are no longer produced, but used or antique versions are still sold by individuals and specialty companies.
  • The Norge Stove

    The Norge Stove
    FANTASTIC 1937 Norge gas stove with amazing art deco style. It is complete*, even with the salt and pepper shakers. The seller is asking $ 2000.00 CAN. It's in St. Catherines, ON, which is near Niagara Falls.
  • Vermont Casting

    Vermont Casting
    Vermont Castings' manufacturing plant is a long, narrow, forest-green building along a railroad line on the outskirts of Bethel.
  • Obadiah's 2000 Wood Cook Stove by heco

    Obadiah's 2000 Wood Cook Stove by heco
    Simplicity at Its Best Add Glass Oven and Glass Firebox Doors for a Refined look.
  • Samsung electric stove

    Samsung electric stove
    The Samsung electric stove has programmed recipes and a cleaning setting.