The History of Voting

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  • The Seneca Falls Convention

    The Seneca Falls Convention
    This convention would talk about the women's different rights, which would eventually bring up the right for women to vote. But this would not really start the changes that the women wanted, which was get their rights to vote.
  • The Fifteenth Amendment

    The Fifteenth Amendment
    This Amendment gave all men the right to vote no matter what their skin color, if they were slaves, their fathers were slaves. This did not allow women to vote at all, so this is still a recurring problem.
  • The Seventeenth Amendment

    The Seventeenth Amendment
    This Amendment helped stop the judge disagreements that would occur in the states legislature, which would cause senates seats vacant. This Amendment would also change it were all of the senators are to be directly elected by the voters themselves, instead of having to debate for someone to become a senator.
  • The Nineteenth Amendment

    The Nineteenth Amendment
    This Amendment gave women the right to vote, which was a very great change. This was a very good thing because more times often than not, they were excluded from participating in the government, so this Amendment finally gave women a voice in their government.
  • The Indian Citizenship Act

    The Indian Citizenship Act
    This Act would make it so that Indians could be American Citizens as long as they were born in America. This did not let them vote even though they were considered American Citizens.
  • The Twenty Third Amendment

    The Twenty Third Amendment
    This Amendment made it so that the residents of Colombia were actually allowed to vote on more than just local laws. They were not allowed to vote on just anything, they were allowed to participate in the presidential elections.
  • The Twenty Fourth Amendment

    The Twenty Fourth Amendment
    This Amendment would address the poll taxes that the southern states had put on the elections to purposely make it harder for African Americans to vote. This would make it illegal to charge anyone to be able to vote, since this would limit not only low income African Americans, but low income white people as well.
  • The Voting Rights Act of 1965

    The Voting Rights Act of 1965
    This Act would make sure that no matter what, that the African Americans would be able to use their right to vote. This would also make it illegal to make any laws whatsoever on elections and so on.
  • The Twenty Sixth Amendment

    The Twenty Sixth Amendment
    This Amendment would reduce the legal age it was to vote from 21 to 18. This was because people that were 18 were allowed to draft into the army, but were not allowed to vote, and this caused a lot of protests.