Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever

Timeline created by Leon97
  • Previous Christmas

    Previous Christmas
    Last year christmas Greg got a doll called Baby Alfrendo, first he thougt what kind of a present is that, but then he really started playing and having a good time with it. His parents wanted the doll so he could get ready for Manny, his little brother.
  • Tree Decorations

    Tree Decorations
    The family puts all the presents under the Christmas tree and then Greg's mom and dad say "maybe you would have gotten more presents if you haden't hurt your brother last week". The next day Greg gets tripped by someone who doesn't care about christmas and doesn't celebrate it either.
  • Net Krittez and Mr.seller

    Net Krittez and Mr.seller
    His mom made Greg a Net Kritterz account, it is an online game where you have to take care of your virtual pet, Greg's pet was named Gregory's little friend. But after a while he started playing it all day. Until Manny figured out how to log on he sold all Greg's things including his house in the game. Greg yelled "Manny no!!". It took him a while to get everything back.
  • Vandalism with Signs

    Vandalism with Signs
    Greg and his friend Rowley try to make some money so they make some signs for TONY'S Pizza they go there like every day. They put some in the school, until the teacher stops them and have to take every poster down again. But they still put some on the wall ouside the school. That was not a good idea because that night it started raining it made big spots that looked like graffity.
  • Obsessed with Net Krittez

    Obsessed with Net Krittez
    Then Greg stoped caring about Net Krittez so he got tons of mails like "Gregory's little friend is angry" and messages like that. Then one day he got really bored, he bought everything in the game that you could possibly buy,and played all day and night. That is until his mom comes in and tells him to clean the room.
  • Scratching up the Car

    Scratching up the Car
    Greg didn't really like the sign on the car so he scrubs it off, but it left a HUGE scratch on the car. He tries to wash that off, but it only made it BIGGER.The next morning his dad sees the scratch on his new car. Greg was going to be in big trouble, but his mom stands up for him. She didn't like the new car so she tells dad to return the car for the old van.
  • Vandalism!

    Next day in the newspaper it said vandals deface middle school, it didn't look anything like the boys, it looked like two profesional burglars. But Rowely and Greg were still very worried about it they said it sounds like they were criminals. And then his mom told him about it which made him even more nervous and worried, then he was before.
  • Student of the week

    Greg won the Student of the Week award and shows it to his mom, she and him feel very proud. So as soon as dad comes with his new sports car that he bought today they proudly show it to him. So later Greg puts it on the new sports car.
  • I'm so Scared

    I'm so Scared
    Greg was very angry this day so he just went to bed,then someone started knocking on the door, he was scared because he was home alone, so he got his baseball gear on with his bat. It was too late, the person kicked the door in and that person was Greg's dad. So he was obviously apologizing to his dad.
  • Please can I have some Money?

    Please can I have some Money?
    Greg wanted more money from his parents for Net Kritterz, but his parents refuse to give him any more money. So it is winter , so he gets an idea to shovel peoples driveways for some money. One of his neighbours wanted him to shovel his driveway but it was all full of ice, but he had a sprinkler so Greg turns it on, "it works" he said, he waits until it melts and then it looked all clean but when his neighbour hurried out the door he slipped and hurt himself.
  • Power is Out

    Power is Out
    Greg's dad went on a buisness trip and in that time the power went down. And the basement got fludded. Rowley came over and brought some cookies, he wasn't cold at all so he talked to him about what happened he said his power was on Greg shut the door went in the basement and it was off all swiches except Manny's room. Manny has been in his room for hours no wonder. It was so warm in there Greg turned everything in the house back on.
  • Baby Alfrendo is Back

    Baby Alfrendo is Back
    Well Greg was down there he also found his doll that he got 1 or 2 years ago he was happy. But it was all ripped up and destroyed he was treating it better then ever. Dad came home all relaxed and was feeling good.Until he saw the basement he asked "what happened here"? they answer "the basement flooded".
  • Christmas eve and Masked Hero

    Christmas eve and Masked Hero
    Christmas eve Greg got Tower of Droids graphic novel with a real signature this time from the author Kenny Centazzo. And a V-neck sweater. And in the Daily Herald news paper, it said masked hero revealed wich is Greg Heffley.