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  • Jail on Father's Day (Event One)

    Jail on Father's Day (Event One)
    It all started off like this, Noha was about twelve years old. He was riding his bike to jail to see his father. His father was in jail because he sunk a gambling boat named the Coral Queen. He did it for a good reason though, his father was saying that he only sunk the boat because he saw that the owner of the boat, Dusty Muleman, who was dumping his waste into the ocean. After he dumped his waste into the ocean it goes down to Thunder Beach where all the kids go swimming.
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  • Abbey and Noha talking about the Coral (Event Two)

    Abbey and Noha talking about the Coral (Event Two)
    When Noha reached home he went to go eat lunch with his sister Abbey. His mom and his sister asked him how it went, all Noha said was "Fine." After their mom was gone Abbey and Noha started talking together. Abbey usually looked after her Mom and Noha usally looked after his dad. They were talking about why he sunk the Coral Queen. Their Mother was trying to find there Grandpa Bobby . They thought he was dead. Every year they tried to call him but no answer.
  • Visiting Lice Peeking (Event Three)

    Visiting Lice Peeking  (Event Three)
    Noha's dad told Noha to go to Lice Peekings house to get some backup for when they go to the court. Noha's dad said he needs to stay in jail because he needed to be there. Noha arrived at Lice Peekings house. He said that he would do it only if he got something in return. Noha was asking Lice Peeking because he used to work in the Coral Queen but for revenge he quit and stole his girl friend.
  • Back to Jail (Event Four)

    Back to Jail (Event Four)
    Noha went back to the jail to meet his father the next day. When he got there he said that Lice Peeking wanted something in retern if he helped. Noha said to his dad that we barely have money, what are we going to repay him with? I offered the skiff boat but I really like riding and fishing on it. Noha's dad said yes. Noha had to help his dad so he had to give that away.
  • Back to Lice Peeking's House (Event five)

    Back to Lice Peeking's House (Event five)
    Noha went back to Lice Peekings house and knocked on the door. His girl friend answered. Noha asked to come back another time because Lice Peeking was sleeping but she insisted Lice Peekings girl friend wake him up. Noha asked if he wanted the skiff boat. He said yes and than Noha made him sign a contract that he was coming the next day. Noha's Mom did not know about this. Lice Peeking is suppose to be at Noha's house on July 8.
  • Talking with Abbey (Event Six)

    Noha was going back home when Jasper Junior, Dusty Muleman's so, stopped Noha's bike. Jasper has always been a bully. Noha was not afraid of him at all. All though he does hit pretty hard. After they had a conversation Jasper punched Noha in the eye because his father sunk the Coral Queen. Then he went home and told Abbe everything.
  • Mabye Divorce (Event Seven)

    Mabye Divorce (Event Seven)
    When Noha got home his mom noticed very quickly that he had a black eye. Noha said that he fell and hit the ground but his mom knew that it was a lie. Noha did not tell the truth. Noha than went to see Abbey and she was crying because she saw and heard that their Mom was divorcing their dad. Noha said they had to do somthing quick. Their mom always used a plaid suitcase if she was going to moving out. So they both knew what was going on.
  • Lic Peeking's Dead? (Event Eight)

    Lic Peeking's Dead? (Event Eight)
    Noha was waiting for Lice Peeking to pick up there Skiff boat. He ended up not coming so Noha went to see whats was up, He showed up at his house and his girl friend Shelly said Dusty may have killed him because he found out he was helping with the boat suituation. She said she saw blood stains on her jeep and all the money was gone. The blood turned out to be ketchup.
  • Plan Time (Event Nine)

    Shelly said she would still come by to pick up the jeep and help with the boat situation. So later that day Noha came up with the idea to bust Dusty Muleman. The next night their parents were going out for dinner and a movie so they could do the plan that night. On the way home Jasper stoped Abbey and Noha but before they could do any harm a pirate guy came to the rescue.
  • Plan (Event Ten)

    Plan (Event Ten)
    Noha was telling their plan to Abbe and Shelly. The plan was for Shelly to squeeze food colouring into the toilets so the next morning the waste would be visable. Shelly said she would do it but then Noha said he would have to come aboard the boat to help. Than they were all in the on the plan now. The colour of the food dye they were using was 35 bottles of Fuchsia dye.
  • Busting Time (Event Eleven)

    Busting Time (Event Eleven)
    So the next day when Noha's parents were gone Abbey and Noha left as soon as possible. They had to be back in bed by 11:00 pm. They stole their friends boat and headed towards the Coral Queen. Shelly helped Noha get into the girls washroom and started spilling the fuchsia food colouring into the toilet. After a while somone needed to go to the washroom. Noha panicked and he ran out of the washroom and than ran accross the boat before he could run off the gauards stoped him. He dicided to jump.
  • Busted!! (Event Twelve)

    Noah was calling for Abbey. She was not coming so he had to swim to shore because the gaurds were following him. He finally found Abbey and climbed aboard the smaller boat. Then out of nowwhere the gaurds pulled out a gun and were about to shoot him. But the pirate guy saved them before like he saved them the day before. Abbey and Noha went on shore and ran home. The pirate guy ended up being there with Grandpa Bobby. After they lived happily ever after. Grandpa Bobby had to leave though.