George Henry Lewes

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  • George Henry Lewes

    George Henry Lewes
    George Henry Lewes was born on April 18 1817. He would be later known in his life as a English biographer, literary, Novelist, Philosopher, scientist. His early career in his life wasn't a great start due to not having plan for his education. That would later change when he spent two years in Germany. His wife ''George Eliot'' would have four kids and go on a trip to Germany as a honeymoon and as a research trip.
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    The life of George

    Lewes met Mary Ann Evans who later would be his wife. George Eliot was her pen name due to her being a novelist, poet, journalist as she wrote a total of seven books. They had four kids with an open marriage. When he was younger he saw a play where he witnessed a performance by Edmund Kean which he would never forget. He has been impression with many famous stars which would lead him to be the first practitioner of modern theatre. He would later die on Nov 28 1878
  • Science

    After spending time in Germany he would later returned to London. As time flew by the year would be 1853 where he started to occupying himself with scientific and biological work. He always showed scientific in his writing. He exposition of accepted scientific truth and the results of individual research and reflection. Some physiologists accepted the suggestion Lewes made. He best known for his writing of the life of Goethe. The combination of science and literary taste.
  • Philosophy

    When Lewes was younger he had been interested in philosophic. Two essays that influence him were the positivism of Auguste comte and John Stuart mill. He made an outcome of his work on the foundation of a creed which lead to a rapprochement between metaphysics and science. He reach a monistic doctrine that mind and matter are two aspects. Different books go on and talk about how psychology explained the mental phenomena and historical conditions and this is lewes important contribution